AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter

AHAVA's Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate range delivers a high concentration of Dead Sea Minerals to restore your skin's vitality and to enhance its natural ability to retain moisture.

AHAVA's Osmoter is the most important mineral technology to come from AHAVA's laboratory. This concentrated Dead Sea water extract contains magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, the most essential minerals for supporting skin functions in perfect proportions. The osmoter's balanced mineral content activates the natural cellular process called the osmotic pump when applied to the skin surface empowering the epidermis to elevate hydration and nutrition levels.

The face, eye and body products that make up the Osmoter family contain a triple concentration of AHAVA's Osmoter Complex.

The Osmoter range is recommended for dry, dehydrated, dull skins that require superier hydration.