AHAVA Extreme Products

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the secret to ageless beauty? AHAVA knows the importance of keeping your skin radiant and youthful everyday. That’s why they formulated a line of beauty products to combat fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and sagging -- especially on the skin around your eyes, the side of your mouth, and under your chin. 

Dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles at the side of your eyes while extremely nourishing it for a firmer, smoother appearance. With their unique blend of ingredients of Dead Sea minerals and natural extracts that firm, lift, and smooth the skin, these fast-acting products will get you looking younger and fresher in no time! AHAVA’s range of Extreme skin care products has been tried and tested by Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists. Recommended for those with mature, dry and sensitive skin, this environmentally conscious brand is perfect for picky and nature-loving users. 

The AHAVA Extreme range is designed for age group 50+ and targets mature skin concerns.