AHAVA Moisturisers

Dreaming of a soft, supple, and healthy-looking complexion? Unlock your skin’s potential with AHAVA’s wide range of dermatologically-tested and eco-friendly moisturisers. No matter the weather condition, time of day, or your skin type, only with proper moisturising can you achieve flawless skin -- with or without makeup. 

For hot days out, a product with a sun protection formula is your best bet to protect your face from harmful UV rays without the added weight of sunblock. In contrast, colder days require for a more moisturising formulation to prevent your skin from drying and flaking. While you’re sleeping, your skin renews itself and replenishes the moisture it lost during the day. Help boost the process with a sleeping cream that strengthens the skin, boosts its immunity, and fights dehydration. Now, you can wake up with a brighter and smoother complexion! 

Fight the early signs of ageing by using creams with lifting and firming agents that will hydrate and keep your skin from showing unflattering wrinkles. 

All of these can be achieved by using AHAVA moisturising creams, formulated with a powerful mix of minerals and botanical extracts and enriched with Dead Sea Complex.