Glo Skin Beauty Face Primers

If you want long lasting makeup that has a seemingly airbrushed finish, use Glo Skin Beauty Face Primer as your base before you start blending in your foundation. Not all women have the same skin type, with some being acne-prone and others being practically flawless. But all beauty experts highly recommend that makeup primers be used by anyone and everyone aiming to have a poreless, even-toned appearance. 

For those with problematic skin, primers can add an extra thin layer of coverage for the imperfections you’re trying to hide. By gently blending the product onto your skin using your fingertips or a small brush, you’re smoothing out your skin, tightening your pores, and evening out any discolouration. Also, a primer gives your foundation or concealer something to hold on to for a long-lasting finish. Glo Skin Beauty Illuminating Primer can sometimes be worn on its own or under your makeup. This gives the right amount of ‘polishing’ for ladies who need minimal to no cover. Minimise redness with the Redness Relief Powder - dust on before your makeup to provide a smooth, neutral skin.

Redness Relief Powder evens out redness and make you look brighter and fresher! It can be worn under or over makeup to alleviate areas of redness.