Kosmea Cleansers & Exfoliator

Wash away the day or night with a choice of cleanser - Clarifying Face Wash or Cream Cleanser.
Best choice if you wear makeup is to to us the cream cleanser which will not only remove makeup but lift dirt and impurities off the skin. The Kosmea Cleansers contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulphates and no petro chemicals and so are super gentle and natural.

The muslin cloth is the perfect companion to help remove your cleanser and exfoliator. 100% natural, and gentle to the skin, the cloth will remove all traces of makeup and dirt leaving your skin glowingly smooth and clean.

In a hurry? Grab the Kosmea wipes-these are perfect for on the go, travelling, before your gym workout or a in your handbag for a freshen up in the day.