Kosmea Moisturisers

Skin loses moisture every hour of every day due to dehydration, sun exposure, and even a person’s diet has an effect. When your skin becomes dry, wrinkles and fine lines are instantly accentuated, making you look older than you actually are. Avoid dull and dry skin by drinking lots of water and using an intensely nourishing and hydrating moisturiser! 

Kosmea’s collection of moisturisers range from eye creams, face creams, body lotions, and lip balms. All these are made with organic ingredients and certified organic Rosehip Oil that will give your skin a soft, radiant, and youthful appearance. Achieve a celebrity-like complexion today with Kosmea’s hydrating and replenishing moisturising products and don't forget the all important Moisturising Lotion with SPF30 for daily protection.

These are guaranteed to be free from mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances, and other harmful chemicals. Not tested on animals so this collection is every nature lover’s dream come true!