Moisturisers for Dry Skin

Women with dry, flaky skin are more prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles because of their skin’s lack of moisture. That is why Dermatologists, skin care experts, and even makeup artists highly recommend using nourishing and rejuvenating moisturisers on a regular basis. 

With this in mind, AbsoluteSkin brings you a wide collection of high-end moisturisers that are made with top notch ingredients. They are all designed to lock in moisture, relieve signs of dryness and show visible results in as early as the first couple of uses. When going out or before applying makeup, it’s highly advised that you dab on a layer of lightweight moisturiser that also has sunscreen protection. This won’t just shield your face from the harmful effects of UV rays, but will also act as a base for your makeup.

With brands like ASAP, Skinstitut, Grown Alchemist and AHAVA, dry and dull skin are simply things of the past. Be one step closer to achieving celebrity-like, luminous complexion!