Moisturisers for Sensitive Skin

If your skin has been suffering from redness, itching, feeling uncomfortable, and flaking, then you have sensitive skin. This is something you need to treat as early as now. It’s important that you become picky when it comes to the product you apply on your face because using the wrong one can cause your skin to easily become irritated. 

AbsoluteSkin cares about bringing the best solution to treat your skin condition. So we have partnered with Australia’s leading beauty brands to bring you an excellent collection of moisturisers that are suitable for your complexion. 

Brands like ASAP, Alpha-H, Dr Hauschka, Grown Alchemist and AHAVA formulated these moisturising creams and gels that correct skin sensitivity. They also nourish and rejuvenate with ingredients that soothe skin inflammation while increasing its moisture and reinforcing its protective barrier. 

You can now bid farewell to stinging, itchy skin, and welcome a smoother and softer complexion that will draw people’s attention.