Womens' lifestyles put the skin under strain and this causes the complexion to become dull and signs of tiredness become more visible. Skin that is fatigued, stressed and aggressed by pollution becomes lifeless and marked on the surface. PAYOT laboratories have found the answer for radiant, revitalised and healthy skin - the My PAYOT range - a line of essential energising, moisturising and detoxifying skincare with a delicious fragrance. 

My PAYOT is a range infused with a unique formula of superfruits, boosting, energising, moisturising and protective properties for all skin types and ages. Packed with 2 amazing superfruits - Goji Berry, Acai, they pack a powerful punch for the skin.
The range consists of day ,night and eye care, BB creams, a sleeping pack and a radiance boosting serum. 

Choose "My PAYOT" for glowing skin that is plumped, healthy and radiant.