PAYOT Blue Techni Liss

Constant exposure to screens, lack of natural light and not enough sleep affects our biorhythms. With our busy lifestyles there is less and less difference between day and night and the body's internal clock becomes deregulated and this shows in our skin with premature wrinkles, dehydrated skin and a dull complexion.

PAYOT Blue Techni Liss is a range that fights the effects of desynchronised biorhythms and reduces the impact of blue light on the skin allowing the skin to regenerate. During the day, the skin needs protection. During the night, the skin needs regeneration and at the weekend, time for rejuvenation.

Chaste tree and horehound extracts counterbalance disturbances in the skin's metabolism and protect it against the effects of blue light. Hyaluronic acid smoothes the skin's surface and plumps it from within.