PAYOT Nutricia

Dry, dull, and flaky skin never look good on anyone. So start moisturising your face for a dewy, radiant, and lively complexion! 

PAYOT, a luxury brand for ultimate beauty and well-being, formulated a line that is intended to deeply nourish dry to very dry skin types. Have silky smooth skin that is soft to the touch with the help of ingredients like Japanese mondo grass extract and Oleo-Lipidic Complex -- made from a concentration of essential plant oils. Restore your skin’s lost moisture caused by sun damage, free radicals, and external aggressions with PAYOT’s Nutricia range of ultra-nourishing creams, oils, and balms. 

Get kissable, plump lips with Nutricia Baume Levres that delivers long-lasting hydration and protection and strengthens whilst relieving tight and dry lips. Say NO to a lifeless, boring complexion that makes you look dull and tried, and say YES to soft and supple skin that is radiant and glowing!