Moisturisers with SPF

Probably the main reason why people deliberately forget to put on sunscreen is the heavy feeling it gives the skin. This is uncomfortable, especially for women who still have to put on makeup. But now, you don’t have a reason to skip on sun protection anymore, because AbsoluteSkin partnered with skincare brands to bring you a broad collection of nourishing moisturisers with the added benefit of SPF protection! 

Brands like ASAP, Skinstitut, Alpha-H, Dermalogica, and True Solutions formulated skincare products with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to rejuvenate your skin and keep moisture locked in. But they took it a step further by mixing in UVA/UVB protection agents that will aid in the prevention of prematurely aged skin, discolouration, and elasticity loss. 

You no longer have to hide from the sun now that protecting your complexion takes no extra time at all!