Toners for Normal Skin

If you have what Dermatologists consider ‘normal skin’, then we congratulate you. This means your skin has a good overall balance, leaving it with little to no impurities. Some extra benefits are, you have no bad reaction to most beauty products, your pores are barely visible to the naked eye, and you possess a naturally radiant complexion. 

But just because your skin is ‘almost’ perfect, doesn’t mean you can forget to give it some TLC. AbsoluteSkin brings you a collection of toners and mists made to purify, enhance, and protect the beautiful complexion you already have. 

Choose from these gentle toners and hydrating mists that revitalise skin, soothe inflammation and keep you looking dewy and fresh all day. Don’t let pollution, sun damage, or free radicals get in your way of unlocking your true beauty.