Black Chicken Remedies Sleep Repair Pack

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Black Chicken Remedies Sleep Repair Pack is filled with everything that you need to help you find that sleep relief.  Climb into bed and ease into some of the most relaxing and restorative sleep you’ve ever had. 

1x 9ml Slumber Essential Oil Blend (full size) 
1x 0.5ml Slumber Nasalette Essential Oil Inhaler (full size)
1x Pyramedials - The Scent of Sleep
1x Featherlike Silk Eye Mask 

Slumber Essential Oil Blend reduces anxiety, restlessness and promotes deep relaxation, dreaminess and a deep sleep.

Your on-the-go Slumber Nasalette Essential Oil Inhaler allows you to feel that sleep relief anywhere you are. Pocket-sized and refillable. Inhale relaxation, Exhale frustration.

Pyramedials - The Scent of Sleep is a pyramid-shaped scented bag filled with pure lavender to help calm a racing mind and soothe a tired body. Can be placed beside you in bed or between your pillows.


  • 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend.
  • Promotes relaxation and a deep sleep.
  • Helps decrease irritability and calm nerves to prepare you for relaxation.