Cherry Blooms Matte Lips Volumizer 5ml

Cherry Blooms Matte Lips Volumizer has been formulated with volumising and longwear ingredients, such as Portulaca Pilosa Plant Extracts and textured powder filler to smooth out fine lines. The creamy texture is non-drying and non-flaky.

Using a 3 layer application process, you don't need to touch up during the day making you selfie ready at all times.

The first layer acts as a base. The second layer gives you colour that stays on the surface. The third layer acts as a barrier and ensures the colour is long wearing and allowing the textured powders to fill the micro wrinkles for a smooth and flawless result.

Cherry Blooms Matte Lips Volumizer boosts lip volume and stays on after meals giving you beautiful matte lips all day.

Use everyday for best overall results.