Dr Roebuck's Nuddy Ultra Repair Creme 50ml

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Dr Roebuck's Nuddy Ultra Hydrating and Repair Creme is your quick-fix creme for any skin emergency from skin reactions to eczema flare ups. A simple application provides instant relief to inflamed and sensitive areas.

Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Castor Seed Oil to optimise hydration levels and repair the skin for long-lasting relief, leaving skin hydrated and supple. Nuddy Ultra Repair Cream is also perfect for every day use for dry skin that needs soothing and nourishing. Can be used on the face and body.

Suitable for all dry skin types, especially sensitive, irritated and eczema prone.


  • Soothes, rejuvenates and repairs the skin.
  • Hydrates and promotes deep healing to the skin.
  • Keeps skin soft and supple.