Dr Roebuck's Stoked Weightless Face Moisturiser 50ml

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Dr Roebuck's Stoked Weightless Moisturiser is a lightweight cream to help control sebum production, provide immediate hydration, treat pigmentation and improve overall radiance in the skin.

The natural formulation of  vitamin C rich Maritech Bright, Wild Berry Harvest and Fucogel work together to help fight free radical damagehydrate and retain water so the skin stays plump and moisturised throughout the day.

SebuStop, made up of three root vegetables (Cinnamon, Ginger, Great Burnet), will help to reduce excess oil, the appearance of pore size and provide additional antibacterial benefits.

Suitable for combination/oily skin types, especially sensitive, congested, acne-prone or dull.


  • Soothes, rejuvenates and restores radiance in the skin.
  • Helps to fight free radical damage to prevent premature ageing.
  • Rich in vitamin C to help brighten pigmentation.
  • Fucogel extract provides hydration without clogging your pores.