• Pelactiv Fusion Fragrance Diffuser - Lemongrass 250ml

Pelactiv Fusion Fragrance Diffuser - Lemongrass 250ml

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Pelactiv's Fusion Fragrance Diffuser Lemongrass is a crisp and refreshing scent of citrus and exotic Lemongrass. Pelactiv Fusion Fragrance Diffusers are hand made in Australia and are designed for a long lasting delicate scent throughout your home. Rotate the reeds as often or as little as you like to refresh the aroma.

Carefully remove the lid, take away the insert and replace the lid with the opening at the top. Insert the reeds - allow to sit for a few seconds then remove and turn placing the other end into the bottle. The fragrance will slowly be absorbed into the reed and released, gradually diffusing the fragrance into the air.


  • Designed to delicately release ambient fragrances through your favourite rooms.
  • Create your desired atmosphere, calming and soothing fragrances to relax the senses, or stimulating and energising fragrances for a more uplifting mood.
  • Presented in a glass bottle.
  • Hand made in Australia.