St Tropez Gradual Tanning

Want a healthy-looking tan that doesn’t appear to be fake? Want to achieve it without the consequences of overexposure to UV rays? St. Tropez’s line of gradual tanning lotions will help you achieve that! These nourishing body moisturisers combine the skincare benefits of natural vitamins with a healthy touch of bronze. Have smoother, more radiant skin that becomes a gradual golden tan as each day passes. 

Get salon-gorgeous bronzed skin without spending hundreds of dollars. 

The St. Tropez everyday body lotion is easy to apply and results are guaranteed. After taking a shower or bath, simply apply it liberally all over your body, starting at the feet working your way up -- just like you would a regular moisturising lotion. It comes in different shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark—choose the hue that will look best on you and start working on your perfect tan!