Cleansing Wipes

For a quick and easy way to remove makeup and clean your skin wherever you are, look no further thank our range of cleansing wipes.

At AbsoluteSkin, we strive to give our clients premium beauty salon skin care and makeup at competitive prices and this also goes for our cleansing wipes.

We all have our preferred skin care routine. For some of us, a 3 step cleanser-toner-moisturiser is the perfect formula while for others, serum, exfoliation, masks and anti-ageing creams are incorporated in their routine for a stellar skin care regime. There are times however, when it's not possible to clean our faces with a thorough routine and that is when cleansing wipes are needed.

These wipes are perfect when you are in a rush and you want to remove your makeup before heading to the gym or to the beach. The wipes are also great for when you are too tired to go through your usual routine before bed. If you have oily skin, oil free wipes are available to assist with excess oil removal.

Cleansing wipes are also perfect to use as a pre-cleansing process for when you are wearing makeup. For travelling, cleansing wipes are perfect to pack as they pack easily in your luggage and the bottle or tube of cleanser can be left at home.

Whatever the occasion, you can always carry a pack of wipes.