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Born in 1988 and based in Israel, AHAVA began with a team of scientists dedicated to studying, protecting and celebrating the uniqueness and wonder of nature. The Dead Sea region is rich in natural resources and scientists sought greater understanding of how minerals and botanicals could benefit the skin.

The Dead Sea - A place of healing:

  • Located at the lowest point on earth, 420m below sea level, the Dead Sea is 10 times saltier than ordinary sea water.
  • It is extremely buoyant and has an oily feel to it.
  • The air above it features a high concentration of unpolluted oxygen.
  • Contains a wealth of ingredients that benefit the skin and is able to treat many skin disorders successfully.
  • Promotes general health and well being.
  • Contains mineral rich mud and salt - 100% organic and pure.

AHAVA's scientific study of nature and the effects of it on the skin led to the development of AHAVA's Osmoter, the mineral catalyst at work in every AHAVA product. Together with the elements of the Dead Sea, this blend of minerals delivers exceptional hydration to the skin. The Osmoter draws minerals and moisture from the depths of the skin to its outer layers where it is needed most.

The naturally rejuvenating skin care products from AHAVA are formulated with the finest skin-friendly ingredients that the Dead Sea has to offer, including a variety of carefully chosen botanical extracts from the region. Together, these gentle, irritation-free ingredients reveal their collective power to help reactivate the skin’s natural ability to hydrate, replenish itself and restore its natural suppleness.

All AHAVA products are environmentally conscious and created using non-polluting manufacturing processes. AHAVA skin care is free of Parabens, Petroleum and SLS/SLES free. They do not contain animal sourced ingredients and are produced without petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients or GMOs and are approved for sensitive skin.

AHAVA uses raw materials approved by ECOCERT, an independant European standards organisation.

AHAVA’s skin care products are suitable for all skin types and highly beneficial for skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Seborrhoea.

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