Eye Treatments

Get your eye area on the right anti-ageing path with the best preventative eye care products.

The eye area is the most sensitive area on your face. Adopting a preventative regime for this delicate area, as early as in your 20's is ideal to help you age gracefully. Whether you are a fresh faced 20 year old looking to start this preventative process or you are older and looking for high quality formulas to firm, hydrate and strengthen the skin, we have brands that will deliver the best eye cream for you.

On this page you will find eye creams with treatment properties to target visible signs of ageing, sun damage, fine lines and dryness.

For tired, puffy eyes or to combat dark circles, you can try the PAYOT Perform Eye Patches that help boost radiance and brighten up the eye area. They also make the eye look lifted and smooth. If the eye patches are not your thing, there is a multitude of suitable eye creams to help improve the appearance of the eye area.

Because the skin around the eyes is more fragile and quicker to show signs of fatigue and ageing, preventative care of your eye area is an investment in the continued health of the skin.

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