PRIORI Skin Care

Priori Skin Decoded Skin Care


Developed by renowned cosmeceutical scientists Joseph A Lewis II and Joseph C. DiNardo in 2004, on the belief that the proper cosmetic treatment for skin ageing is to target the source in order to deliver the greatest effect.  

The PRIORI core adaptive skincare products decode your skin's individual needs, delivering replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery where and when your skin needs it most responding in real time to deliver results at the cellular level.

Adaptive Core Formulas: The LCA Complex consists of Lactic Acid plus Vitamins A, C, E and Pro Vit A. It offers the skin superior, damage-free exfoliation, hydration and normalisation to any conditions and prepares the skin for the very best results while increasing natural hyaluronic responses for in-depth hydration.

Superceutical Formulas: The Q+SOD Complex is a highly concentrated Super Oxide Dismutase with CoQ10  and offers ultimate antioxidant protection for modern day skin needs. It works to mimic how natural antioxidants function within the skin to offer supreme correction and protection to your cells.

AbsoluteSkin is an Authorised Stockist of PRIORI skincare products in Australia.