PRIORI Skin Care

Priori Skin Decoded Skin Care


Developed by renowned cosmeceutical scientists Joseph A Lewis II and Joseph C. DiNardo in 2004, on the belief that the proper cosmetic treatment for skin ageing is to target the source in order to deliver the greatest effect. 

In just five years the PRIORI brand has evolved to encompass many revolutionary anti-ageing technologies and it has pioneered skincare categories to cater to all anti-ageing needs – Cosmeceuticals and Superceuticals.

  • Cosmeceuticals - Advanced AHA with LCA Complex™ - The perfect entry point for new PRIORI users, Advanced AHA can be thought of as the key to restoring your skin’s natural balance and fitness. Combining the latest AHA technological advances with LCA complex, it delivers remarkable results. Softer, smoother, more even skin tone with less fine lines.

  • Superceuticals® - Idebenone Complex*® PRIORI® Idebenone Once you’ve ‘trained’ your skin into fitness, step up your routine with PRIORI Idebenone – the triathlon of skin fitness. Providing the highest level of topical antioxidants, PRIORI Idebenone is ideal for skins over 40 years of age.


    AbsoluteSkin is an Authorised Stockist of PRIORI skincare products in Australia.