Bath & Body Kits & Packs

Wash, condition, and nourish your way to goodness with our curated range of hair care and body care packs. Look fresh all day, from head to foot, with salon-inspired beauty products that will treat your tresses and nurture your skin. Maintain the life of your lustrous locks with the help of a clever hair care regime to keep your mane at the top of its game. Drawing on the power of naturally derived botanicals, our featured formulas actively nourish each and every follicle. If you dye your hair, specially formulated solutions that lock in colour and vibrancy are a must. 

But your daily skincare routine is not complete until you’ve cleansed, moisturised, and hydrated your body. That is where our packs of body wash, exfoliators, and hydrating creams come in. 

With everything you need to have a radiant complexion already in sets, you can feel confidently beautiful as soon you step out of the shower.