BB and CC Creams

Create a fresh faced, effortless look with the help of BB and CC creams.

With the ability to provide comfortable coverage whilst eliminating multiple steps from your daily beauty routine, these trending creams have come into the spotlight for good reason.

BB stands for Beauty Balms. This cream does a lot of work for the skin including moisturising it and protecting it from the sun, it also acts as a foundation and a concealer. BB creams are a great substitute for multiple skin care products and provides healthy looking skin.

CC stands for colour corrective, similiar to BB creams, CC creams also address colour issues such as redness or sallowness. These creams also act as a foundation, a skin primer and they may have anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

At AbsoluteSkin, we work to give our clients premium beauty salon skin care and makeup at competitive prices and this also applies to BB and CC Creams. 

Depending on your desired makeup coverage, these products may not replace your foundation but are a fantastic alternative for busy mornings, weekends or when you are looking for a lighter coverage.