Banish BO for good with our medicinally inspired range of deodorants. With products from leading brands such as Dermalogica, Dr Hauschka and Payot, our formulas run circles around conventional chemist-bought products. Delicately formulated to suit all skin types, our entire range draws on the powerful anti-bacterial properties of natural ingredients. Experience the difference as herbaceous plants like coriander, parsley, clove and hyssop actively work to neutralise the smell of sweat, and combat odour causing bacteria. 

Love to rock a fresh floral fragrance? Look for our range of bouquet inspired deodorants, scented with essential oils. Thanks to invisible formulas, deodorants glide on smooth with zero white residue. After all, no one wants to see powdery white stains all over their LBDs! 

If you suffer from ultra-sensitive skin, our we’ve also got formulas that are 100% free from artificial fragrances, colours and potentially-irritating elements such as aluminium chlorohydrate and S.D. Alcohol. You’ll enjoy beautifully soft underarms, and not a bead of sweat in sight. 

Creamy roll on lotion or handy aerosol spray? The choice is yours. Whether you’re a heavy sweater or simply want to eliminate moisture build up throughout the day, we’ve got superlative odour protection, for every body type.