Blusher Makeup

Get that rosy glow every girl dreams of with our gorgeous range of blusher makeup. Nothing screams "health" quite like the cheeks that are lightly flushed with a touch of colour. No matter what your skin tone or type "rouge" is every girl's secret beauty weapon. Layer on over foundation, or blend into nude skin for a "barely there" look.

For a dewy finish, our creme blends are ideal. Wear alone as a luminous cheek or contour highlighter, or layer with powder blush for extra colour and an ultra matte finish. Some of our blushes are even two in-one-cheek and lip tints, which means you can get a luscious pout and a radiant glow with just one product.
There's a huge range of formulas to choose from, from dust on mineral powders to luxurious blend in cremes. Whether you want to create a light rosy blush or a bronzed glow, we've got shades to suit every complexion.

As well as a touch of colour, our hand picked range of blushes are caring on the skin. Formulas are enriched with a host of nourishing ingredients, like vitamins, allantoin, jojoba and more. These actively moisturise and protect against damage.

What are you waiting for? Find your perfect blush and show that glow.