Facial Masks

Give your skin a salon experience at home and achieve beautiful skin with the best face mask for you.

A face mask may not be part of your daily skin care routine, nevertheless, there are several benefits to incorporating a face mask to improve certain skin conditions. Consider a face mask to be a treatment for your skin. A face mask can treat conditions such as dryness, congested pores, excess oil and ageing concerns.

On this page you will find a suitable mask for you, one that suits your skin type or concern. There are hydrating masks which offer relief from dryness, dehydration or sensitive conditions. There are calming and soothing masks for sensitive and irritated skins and firming masks to address ageing concerns.

You will also find masks with deep cleansing properties to help purify and refine the skin-thus removing excess oils that can cause congestion and enlarged pores.

Bring that same luxurious salon experience into your home with a face mask that is right for your skin.

At AbsoluteSkin, we work to give our clients premium salon skincare and makeup at competitive prices and we stock the best skincare and makeup brands to deliver the highest quality for your skin.

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