Kosmea Skin Care

The natural skin care products from Kosmea are founded on the unique properties of certified organic rose hip oil. The word ‘Kosmea’ comes from Ancient Greek times; it means ’to harmonise or bring into balance‘ and reflects the balancing and harmonising effect that rose hip oil has on the skin.

Kosmea's rosehips are hand picked by the local people in Lesotho, Southern Africa providing the community with an income. The rosehips grow wild in the mountains of Lesotho and are not commercially farmed. This region is 3000 metres above sea level with high rainfall, pure clean air and juicy rosehips. The area is certified organic and not treated with pesticides of any sort. The fruit, seeds and skin are used in the extraction of rosehip oil.

AbsoluteSkin is proud to be an Authorised Stockist of Kosmea skincare products in Australia.

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