PAYOT Skin Care



Dr. Nadia Payot revolutionised the world of cosmetics in 1927 with a quality range of products and specific methods of treatment. Herbs, plants and minerals - the source of life - are the pillars of Dr. Payot’s laboratory research and the basis of the products’ ingredients.

PAYOT offers specific product ranges for each skin care need, including:

Blue Techni Liss: A range for all skins to protect the skin against the effects of blue light as well as helping to repair damage done to the skin cells.
Roselift Collagene40 years+ - An anti-ageing skincare range formulated to lift and firm an ageing skin.
Supreme Jeunesse: 50 years+ - An innovative age-defying range to fight wrinkles, dark spots, dull complexion and dehydration.
Pate Grise: Oily, combination and acne skin.

My PAYOT: Maintenance and to energise the skin.
Creme No 2:  Sensitive skin, free of parabens, alcohol and fragrance. UNI Skin: Illuminating and complexion perfecting skincare.

With a wide range of skincare products, PAYOT is a luxury brand for ultimate beauty and well-being used by day spas and beauty salons around the world.

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