Should you change to a natural deodorant?

Should you change to a natural deodorant?

Many commercial deodorants are antiperspirants and the ingredients used in antiperspirants that stops one from sweating are obstructing a natural bodily function and could be potentially hazardous. 

Sweat glands are our friends and perspiration keeps us healthy. Our bodies use our sweat glands to get rid of the build up of waste products like toxic metals that accumulate in our bodies and regulate our temperature. Both are vital functions.

When you make the switch to a 100% natural deodorant you are going to have to make peace with the beads of sweat under your arms but rest easy knowing that you're doing your body good.

Some recommended deodorants for you:


1. Dr Hauschka Deodorant available in 2 fragrances: Rose or Mint Sage

This deodorant comes as a roll on applicator. It helps to regulate the pH of the skin and prevents odour without suppressing normal sweat production. Perfect for sensitive skins and the Sage Mint is suitable for men.

Dr Hauschka Rose Deodorant


2. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste: 

We all love the Axilla deodorant paste and it's a firm favourite amongst our team.

This deodorant can take a little getting used to. It requires you to use your fingertips to massage the Paste under your arms. Initially it might feel unfamiliar because you’re so used to not touching your underarm area, but that passes quickly. 

The Axilla Deodorant paste contains Baking Soda which some people can be a little sensitive to especially after shaving, waxing or laser hair removal so for these people, Black Chicken Remedies have created the Axilla Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster.

No need to reapply during the day as this natural deodorant is super effective.

Absolute Skin - Should you change to a natural deodorant?Absolute Skin - Should you change to a natural deodorant?


    3. Grown Alchemist Deodorant:

    This refreshing spray on deodorant works to banish odour and keeps you smelling fresh all day . It contains Icelandic Moss extract and other actives that provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

    Grown Alchemist Deodorant