Cleansers for Combination Skin

Looking for the perfect facial wash that will thoroughly clean your combination skin? Worry not, for AbsoluteSkin, in partnership with leading skincare brands, brings you a collection of facial cleansers that are specifically made for that purpose. 

Probably the most complicated -- yet common -- skin type, combination skin typically means you have dry, flaky skin on some parts of your face while your T-zone—forehead, nose, and chin—is oily. Some Dermatologists recommend for people with this kind of complexion to use different products on targeted parts of their face. But why do that if here you can find a cleanser that will help balance your skin? 

Start removing your makeup and the extra dirt clogging your pores with a gentle and moisturising cleansing gel. Follow up with a fresh facial wipe to ensure that all free radicals and dirt have been taken off your face. 

Start your journey to achieving celebrity-like complexion today!