Breaking the Myth of those 8 Glasses of Water a Day

For years we have been told your skin benefits from drinking 8 glasses of water per day however your skin still looks dehydrated?  I wish it were that simple to keeping our skin in great condition.

Yes our body does need water/fluids to maintain good hydration for healthy cell functions however the outermost layer of the skin doesn’t absorb water as it consists of dead skin cells. The outermost layer of our skin has a natural barrier consisting of oils, fatty acid, hyaluronic acid and amino acids.  Exposure to harsh detergents and external conditions such as hot and cold climate can result in decreased barrier levels, rendering the skin fragile, dry and dehydrated.

To maintain a healthy barrier for beautifully hydrated skin, cleanse morning and night with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type; exfoliate regularly, which will remove dead skin cells. This will prepare the skin for the application of a moisturiser, which should be applied whilst skin is still damp, or use a hydrating mist before application, as this will enhance the absorption of the moisturiser into your skin.    

Finally, don’t forget the sunscreen. So drinking lots of water or foods which contain water, is great for your insides but maintaining a good skincare routine will help to keep your skin fabulous all year round.