Create the perfect bath time ritual for relaxation.

Create the perfect bath time ritual for relaxation.

We embark on a new season in Australia. Winter brings cooler nights and perhaps a change in some routines. Use this change to winter as an excuse to start a new personal ritual.

What personal ritual are we discussing? Why bathing, of course! Bathing should be more than a time to get clean, but also a reason to take time for yourself; to pamper yourself. Warm and soothing, a bath will go a long way in helping to relax and relieve stress while providing some quiet moments for yourself.

So let's create an at home bath ritual for you to start today and get you on your way to a new and more relaxed you.

(Before you head for the bath, prepare some tea. We recommend The Goodnight Co. Goodnight Tea. Read further to see why!)

1. Draw a bath

Start with warm water so that upon entering the tub you get the sensation of a warm blanket gently surrounding your body. Studies show that bathing in warm water gives a sense of peace and relaxation and that it can wash away feelings of pessimism. An added bonus, feeling lasts long after leaving the tub. A warm 10 or 15-minute bath before bedtime also helps induce a more peaceful sleep.

2. Add Epsom salts and bath essence

As you are running the bath water, the addition of Epsom salts and bath essence offer their own benefits. Epsom salts have been shown to relieve muscle aches and inflammation of joints and thus offer some relief from aches and pains. Using bath essence offers a calming scent that permeates the room before you even enter your tub. You are starting to relax already! Dr. Hauschka's Almond Soothing Bath Essence is the key place to start. Its gentle scent rising from the bath water is so inviting. Additionally, this bath essence contains sweet almond oil which protects and balances while soothing dry or itchy skin.

3. Light a candle

Scented candles, like scented bath essence, will go a long way in helping relieve any stress or anxiety. Pelactiv's Fusion Soy Candles are great for your bath ritual in two ways. To begin with, these Australian made candles gently emit a harmonious scent which further creates that perfect ambiance for your bath ritual. Second, they offer a relaxing luminescence as they are designed to burn slowly thus producing a softer light. One last thing: lower the lights in the room for a more appreciable effect!

4. Play soothing music

Music soothes the soul. As you sit and relax in your beautifully scented bath, the lilting sounds of your favorite music will include another layer of relaxation. Your bath routine is becoming a spa experience.

5. Apply a hydrating face mask

You may not relate a bath with your face, but in actuality, this would be an ideal time to apply a face mask. Before you slip in your tub, apply a face mask to clean skin and see the difference. Not only will the mask moisturise your skin, but it will be enhanced by the warmth of the water. A great mask to try is Eminence Bamboo Age Corrective Masque. Full of nourishing ingredients for all skin types, Eminence helps to tighten skin, take care of fine lines and help you look as relaxed as you feel. Lie back, breathe deeply, let the water surround you, relax and enjoy.

6. Drink some herbal tea

We promised we'd tell you about tea and here it is. The Goodnight Co. Goodnight Tea is a herbal tea that soothes your mind and body with herbs such as ginger, chamomile, and fennel. Herbs which have been known to lull you into a calming and peaceful night's sleep. Whether you sip some while in your bath, or just before you slip between your sheets, this tea should be an integral part of your bath ritual.

7. Pat dry and moisturise

When your bath is done, your skin is ready to be pampered with moisturiser. Pat dry but never dry off completely. Leaving your skin slightly damp when applying moisturiser helps keep your skin even more hydrated. A rich, yet non-oily moisturiser for all skin types is PAYOT Hydra24 Corps. Created to be used directly after bathing this lotion will protect, soften, and hydrate your skin while improving its appearance.

A new season and a fresh start. Try a bath ritual for as a perfect recipe for relaxation.