Jade Roller Your Way to Healthy Glowing Skin at Home 

Jade Roller Your Way to Healthy Glowing Skin at Home 

Recently there has been lot of hype around facial massage tools, with the jade rollers being one of them.

Jade Rollers are said to have been a part of beauty routines amongst Chinese elites since the Qing dynasty, which began in the early 17th century; people who associate stones with certain properties, claim jade has a special ability to heal and soothe.

Is a Jade Roller for Me?

So, who should use a Jade Roller? Everyone! Using a Jade roller has so many benefits for the skin. Jade Rollers, like any facial massage, stimulates circulation, and aids lymphatic drainage, which can decrease puffiness and aid tone. What this means for your skin is fewer lines and wrinkles, less puffiness, and a clearer complexion. From regular use, you’ll also notice your skin is plumper and glows!

Here’s our PRO tips for using a jade roller at home: 


  • Use with your favourite dermalogica serum or moisturiser, applied to clean skin, to give slip and improve product absorption
  • Start from the centre of the face and work your way out, rolling upwards and outwards, to encourage lymphatic drainage 
  • Roll slowly and gently, rolling over an area of the face several times
  • Keep your jade roller in the refrigerator for extra cooling and de-puffing benefits
  • For best results use your Jade Roller daily
  • If you’re after a noticeably firmer skin, use Dermalogica’s Phyto-Nature Firming Serum. For a dehydrated, sensitive skin, or luminous skin, opt for Dermalogica’s Smart Response serum as this can target multiple concerns in one product! If you’re concerned with dryness and dullness, plus prefer the idea of using your Jade Roller in the evening, Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum facial oil fits the bill.
  • Avoid using your Jade Roller over cystic breakouts, rather drain under them to promote healing.
  • Wait two weeks to perform at home Jade Roller massage after having injectables.
  • Consistency is key – you can make Jade Roller massage is a daily practice, but ideally for a couple of treatments a week to reap visible long-term results.
  • Use hot, soapy water to clean your Jade Roller, the Jade stones are non-porous and do not harbour bacteria

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