Skin Care Routine For Your 50s

When it comes to a skincare routine in your 50s, there is nothing super complex or overly involved to fear.

While it's important to adapt your routine as you get older it doesn't mean you need to have to have a complete overhaul especially if you have been looking after your skin through your 30s and 40's but understanding what changes your skin is experiencing when you reach your 50s will help you to have a smoother, more glowing look.

The main issue is the loss of firmness and elasticity due to a decline in production of collagen and elasticity. Your skincare routine should include power packed serums to help rejuvenate the skin and support collagen. The skin also has a tendency to get a little drier so it's best to include a richer moisturiser or night cream to replace lost oil and moisture which will keep the skin plump and glowing. An often overlooked area is the eyes which can be a telltale age giveaway so make sure to incorporate a daily eye cream that softens lines, hydrates, plumps and feels good.

We have curated a list of suggested products that are perfect for skin in your 50's and easily be incorporated into your current routine.

Here are our top picks:

1. Cleanse

Wash your face with lukewarm instead of hot water, which strips your skin of much-needed oil. And instead of soap, use a mild multi-action cleanser that hydrates and firms.

We recommend:

2. Toner

Replenish your skin with ingredients that restore the skin's elasticity.

We recommend:

3. Exfoliate

Removing dead skin cells restores glow and reduces signs of ageing but collagen slowdown means your skin is thinner now and more vulnerable. So go easy on the exfoliation with something gentle.

We recommend:

4. Mask

A weekly at-home mask, helps to keep your skin look supple and rejuvenated.

We recommend:

5. Treat

Treatments containing retinol or peptides that penetrate into the skin’s lower layers, are great for boosting collagen production. You can also apply a serum the reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We recommend:

6. Moisturise

Always hydrate with products that contain deeply nourishing emollients, oils and hyaluronic acid.

We recommend:

7. Eye Cream

Hydrate the fragile area around the eyes with shea butter and oils to return moisture to the skin.

We recommend:

8. Sun Care

To protect your skin, rain or shine, morning, noon and night. Sun care products with, at least, SPF 30.

We recommend:


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