Your Winter Skin

Your Winter Skin

One of the most common skincare questions I am asked by clients is “can you tell me which moisturiser I should be using?” Knowing what moisturiser to use (and when) can be overwhelming.  Now add a change of season into the mix…

Unfortunately, cold air, wind, and indoor heating are three of the reasons your skin suffers in the winter. Winter takes the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dull and dry, as well as itchy and irritated.

Here's our tips for keeping your skin soft and supple all winter long.

Limit your time in the shower, and use warm rather than hot water as hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils. Use a body wash instead of bar soap, like AHAVA Botanic Body Wash Lotus and Chestnut for Sensitive Skin and apply a body moisturiser afterwards, I like to use ASAP Revitalising BodyMoist liberally when the skin is still moist. This helps to lock the moisture into my skin.  To help treat any dry patches that appear you can use Kosmea Organic Rosehip Oil, it can be applied all over your body, including your face.

Changing your moisturiser. Moisturiser’s work, not only by putting water into the skin, they also slow down the natural loss of water from the skin.  In the cooler weather you may need to use a more nourishing moisturiser to help combat irritated & dry skin.

Hydrate your skin while at work.  Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist can be applied to the skin after cleansing or over makeup throughout the day to keep your skin protected from air conditioning. It is a soothing and hydrating mist that quickly relieves sensitivity while helping to calm redness, stinging and aggravated skin.

If your skin is feeling particularly dry in the evening after a day in air conditioning add a Booster or Treatment serum to your routine, it will re-hydrate your skin. Protect your skin from the Sun.  Yes the sun, just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you're safe from sunburn. Always apply sunscreen to exposed areas. If any have any questions about your skincare you can contact us.