Cleansers for Normal Skin

If you have what experts consider ‘normal skin’, then we applaud and envy you at the same time. Having normal skin means your epidermis has the right amount of water and lipids. Those gifted with complexions like this have little to no skin imperfections, aren’t sensitive to most products, and have barely visible pores. But just because your face is ‘almost’ perfect, doesn’t mean you can be lax in taking care of it. 

AbsoluteSkin, in partnership with leading skincare brands, brings you an array of facial cleansers that are made to enhance and protect the beautiful skin that you have. Remove stubborn makeup while retaining your skin’s moisture with a gentle cleansing product. You can also use a gentle wipe to serve as a substitute for removing dirt and excess sebum from your face. 

No matter what type of skin you have, there is an effective facial wash for you.