Exfoliators for Combination Skin

Have you noticed dry, flaky patches on some parts of your face while your forehead, nose, and chin—commonly known as your T-zone—is oily? If Yes, then know that you have a combination type skin. 

Looking for beauty products that would 100% suit your complexion is not a walk in the park. Some Dermatologists even recommend using different products for certain parts of the face. But that process is more costly and time-consuming! So AbsoluteSkin, in partnership with Australian skincare brands, brings you a line of exfoliators that are specifically made to treat combination skin issues. Remove all deep-seated dirt that clogs your pores with a facial scrub that uses ingredients like Glycolic acid, jojoba beads, botanical complex and other effective imgredients. 

Treat and balance combination skin and be a step closer to a more beautiful you!