Hair Care

Lather your way to luscious locks with our salon inspired range of shampoos and conditioners. As a protein filament, hair is incredibly responsive to its external environment. This means that it’s all too easy to damage tresses that aren’t properly cared for. Banish split ends, dryness and frizz by arming yourself with salon standard hair care solutions. 

We have products for all types of hair from fine and dull to thick and wavy.

Silk Oil Argan Liquid Volumizer is perfect for flat lifeless hair. Infused with Organic Argan Oil to nourish hair and soy protein to thicken. Hair is left full of body and volume after a light spray onto roots and anywhere else that needs a lift!

For those with a more dry irritated scalp you might like to try Clineral PSO Scalp Shampoo. This lightly textured, delicately fragranced shampoo is clinically tested to help soothe inflammation, relieve scaling/dandruff and scalp irritations.