Moisturisers with SPF

It’s no secret that people can be forgetful when it comes to putting on sunscreen. One of the reasons for this is the heavy feeling the formula leaves your skin, especially when you still have to apply makeup! 

But now there’s no excuse to leave out sun protection from your daily skincare regimen. With AbsoluteSkin’s collection of moisturisers with SPF, your skin will be nourished while being protected from the sun. 

Brands like ASAP, Skinstitut, Alpha-H, PAYOT, and AHAVA, crafted a line of nourishing products to revitalise your skin and keep moisture locked in. But they don’t stop there! They go the extra mile by mixing in formulas for UVA/UVB protection that will aid in the prevention of premature ageing and elasticity loss! 

Now, guarding your skin from the harsh sun takes no extra time at all. So confidently walk in broad daylight knowing that you are well-nourished and properly protected!