Body Skin Care

Body Skin Care

Summer is so close and now that we are all starting to bring our bodies out of hibernation its time to talk about some helpful tips to help your skin on your entire body!

Below are some of our favourite whole body skin care tips so you will have beautiful silky smooth skin from head to toe. 

1. To begin this list we will start with keeping your body clean. I know I for one love a long hot shower but the honest truth is that this practice isn't very good for your skin. Try to keep your showers and baths short and sweet. When soaking or exposing your body to hot water for to long your will be drying out your skin and stripping it of its natural oils. So get in there wash your self and get out, your skin will be much more delightful.

2. As soon as you jump out of the shower get straight onto your next job of moisturising your skin. After you are wash yourself in the shower or bath it is the best time to slather on body lotion as your skin will retain all the moisture. Why moisturise your whole body? Well a good lotion is designed to penetrate the skin and keep it soft and smooth and who wouldn't want that?

3. Scrub your whole body at least once a week from your toes to your face. To get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresh new skin. If you don't exfoliate all the moisturisers and lotions are just sitting on the surface of the skin and not reaching the skin cells they need to reach.

4. i bet that you always ensure that you put sunscreen on your face but what about the rest of you? Your neck, décolletage and hands are frequently exposed to the sun but we often forget to use sun protection in these areas. Our hands and neck are some of the first places that show signs of ageing. Try to remember to apply sunscreen on parts of your body that are exposed to the sun daily to help it look youthful for years to come.

5. If you go to the gym and work out try not to stay in your sweaty clothes. Change and take a shower so you can cleanse your skin and prevent your pores from getting clogged and breaking out. You will feel better and your skin will also look much better.

6. Now on the topic of exercise, exercise benefits just about every part of your body from the inside out. It helps with muscle tone, increases blood flow and keeps your skin looking healthy. Sweating helps detoxify your skin and rid any toxins that possibly have been built up within its layer, so get your sweat on! Love your body from top to toe, cleanse, protect and hydrate all year round!

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