Spring clean your skin care routine

Spring clean your skin care routine

Spring Clean your Skin Care

Spring clean your beauty routine. Spring is a time for new beginnings; it is a breath of fresh air. The saying “spring clean” Is most commonly used for a tidy up around the home but why not give your beauty and skin care some sprucing up too? It is the best time to weed through your beauty products and toss out the bad ones and bring forward the best ones. The below tips are easy and anyone can use them to feel beautiful this spring.

1. Clean out your makeup kit. Each season you should clear out your makeup kit as things like mascara should only be used for 3 months as it can become contaminated. Also anything that is used around the eye area should be kept in a clean sterile condition, as the eye area is so sensitive. Your eyes are so important and you shouldn’t risk infection. So sharpen your eye and lip pencils as this removes the area that is old and dirty. Clean your lip sticks with alcohol swabs. Also use a brush cleaner on all your makeup brushes as this is an area that is often over looked.

2. Spring makeup is all about colour. In spring you need more colour the days are brighter and seemingly you need less products. Toss out all the old lipsticks, liners, blushers and foundations that you have been saving for over a year, if you haven’t worn them lately chances are the colours are out of fashion anyway. Treat yourself and purchase a few fun spring colours to add some bright spring feel to your makeup bag.

3. Less is more. Invest in a BB crème or tinted moisturizer for colour and coverage. Liven up your cheeks with a soft coral blush and double coat your mascara. For a fresh I don’t have makeup on look.

4. Change up your skin care routine. With each change of season you should change up your skin care routine. As each season can bring new changes to your skin and often without you noticing. So assess your skin and make sure you make the appropriate changes to what you are using. For example if you are using a foaming cleanser for the summer months when you have more oil and continue to use that through winter when skin is naturally drier you may start to feel that your skin is feeling tight and not 100% right. It is probably best you switch to a milky or creamy cleanser as this is much more nurturing for the skin in the cooler months.

5. Increase your SPF Long grey winter days are in the past and brighter, sunnier days with more time outdoors are on their way. So its time to step it up with daily sun protection, a SPF 15 is fine for a gloomy winters day however when the sun is shinning bright all day long in summer you need a SPF 30 or greater.

6. Switch up your moisturiser Goodbye winter and cold, dry air and hello warm spring breezes and rising humidity. This means that you need to think about changing your heavy winter treatment crème for something more lightweight possibly a lotion. I like to try and pick one that is loaded with antioxidants and repairing ingredients to help my skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant in the warmer months.