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  • How to Layer Your Skin Care In The Right Order

    Serum, moisturiser, toner, facial oil – there are so many beneficial ingredients to incorporate into a skin care regimen. As you look at the assortment of products in front of you, there might be one pressing question on your mind: What’s the best order for my skin care routine?   ... View Post
  • How to Shape Your Best Brows

    Full, well-shaped brows can make such a difference when it comes to looking healthy, natural and youthful. (Plus, well-shaped brows mean you can usually get away with wearing less makeup. True story!). View Post
  • Achieve an A-list celeb worthy complexion all year.

    We have all done it one time or another and that is, swoon over the fabulous dresses, hair and make-up we see on the red carpet, not to mention, marvel at their flawless skin. We know that the couture and accessories are but a fairy-tale for most of us, but what if we told you that you too could ... View Post
  • The busy girl’s guide to looking good.

    Life moves a mile a minute. You want to look your best but can't spend all morning getting ready. View Post
  • Top 5 products for getting redness under control.

    Anyone with sensitive skin knows the struggles with redness brought on by internal and external factors . Though most people think about experiencing skin redness in the summer, it can actually happen all year round. View Post
  • Face Masks - why you need one

    A facial mask is a great addition to your skin care regime. Gina Gatford explains the three most popular. Cream masks Cream masks have a nourishing, creamy texture. They provide the skin with lots of moisture, oil and nutrients and have a plumping, moisturising and rejuvenating effect. Your skin ... View Post
  • The Power of Exfoliation

    Exfoliation. A word we've all heard before. We associate it with that “squeaky clean” feeling. But what does it really mean & why is it important? Regular exfoliation is a necessary step in achieving healthy skin. Simply, it’s the process of removing the layer of dead skin cells from the oute... View Post
  • Acne Treatment Tips

    Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager and wanting to grow up and be an adult as soon as possible? It is a confusing time thats for sure. If you have a teenager or are a teenager yourself you will know all about the hormonal imbalances that are happening in this stage of life - the cra... View Post