Face Masks - why you need one

Face Masks - why you need one

A facial mask is a great addition to your skin care regime. Gina Gatford explains the three most popular.

Cream masks

Cream masks have a nourishing, creamy texture. They provide the skin with lots of moisture, oil and nutrients and have a plumping, moisturising and rejuvenating effect. Your skin will feel softer and smoother after application.

For an added boost of radiance, look for a cream mask that contains glycolic or lactic acid as these have a smoothing effect and will liven up the skin whilst the mask goes to work on moisturising your face.

Clay based masks

Clay based masks typically contain Kaolin, a soft natural clay. Kaolin is very effective at absorbing excess oil and drawing impurities from the skin without leaving it feeling dry. Clay masks are very effective at deep cleaning the pores, preventing and clearing up blackheads.

The mask goes on as a thick cream texture and takes around 5 minutes to harden and dry. It’s best removed by using a wet facial cleansing cloth.

Clay based masks are recommended for combination, oily skins and for those prone to breakouts, blackheads and acne.

Gel masks

Gel masks have a beautiful, cool, calming and soothing effect on the skin. They are usually oil –free and beneficial for oily, combination, and dehydrated skins. They are a great choice where the goal is to add water to the skin. A dehydrated skin typically feels very tight due to the lack of water content and the gel mask will replace the lost water resulting in glowing and more hydrated skin.

Because of their naturally cold temperature, gel masks are also good for soothing sensitive skin conditions and will leave irritated skin feeling calm and comfortable.

The array of masks doesn’t stop here. There are masks for skin concerns from firming to lightening and even radiance benefits. It’s always best to choose your mask based on what you want to achieve with your skin today. If you need guidance on the best mask for you, ask your professional beauty therapist.

How to use a facial mask:

  • Always read and follow the instructions on the product.
  • Apply the mask evenly, using either your fingers or a mask brush.
  • Leave on for the recommended time.
  • Remove the mask either by rinsing off or using a damp facial cloth.

Follow with your usual skin care regime.