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  • How To Prepare Dry Skin for Make-up

    As if mastering the art of applying makeup wasn’t hard enough, applying makeup to dry skin is even more complicated but not a lost cause, you just need to lock down the right routine to disguise those pesky dry patches on your face.   By following a few simple tips and using the best m... View Post
  • How to Create a Valentine's Day Make Up Look

    Valentine's Day is one of those occasions that gives us a chance to go all-out and really have some fun with our makeup!   There are plenty of directions to take; subtle and sweet, smoky and sexy or a natural glow. Whatever your style, check out these makeup styles that go great with a... View Post
  • Beauty Trends for 2020

    The beauty world is ever changing, ever evolving and it can be easy to get stuck in our usual routine and not look beyond our usual cleanser, moisturiser and foundation. Each new year brings with it a time to rethink your usual routine and your skincare goals to achieve your best skin.... View Post
  • What’s in founder of AbsoluteSkin, Gina's makeup bag?

    I love makeup and always have since I was a young girl. Now, as a mum of 2 boys, running a business and household, I look for makeup that is no fuss, easy to use, long lasting and effective. I am fortunate to be able to try so many wonderful skin and make up products and look fo... View Post
  • How to Shape Your Best Brows

    Full, well-shaped brows can make such a difference when it comes to looking healthy, natural and youthful. (Plus, well-shaped brows mean you can usually get away with wearing less makeup. True story!). View Post
  • Tinted moisturiser, BB and CC Creams, what do I need?

    All three are lightweight alternatives to foundation, but do you know the differences between the three? Well, we're going to lay out the primary differences so that you can choose which is best for your skin type. View Post
  • Tips and tricks for luscious lashes.

    There's nothing quite like full, lush eyelashes to add feminine allure. A thick fringe of lashes frames your eyes, so they shine jewel-bright and give your face a youthful softness. Here are five must-haves for your best lashes. View Post
  • Why you need a primer for everyday makeup wear.

    As with any makeup, primers are prepared with different formulations so as to work with a variety of skin types. Find the perfect primer that will work beautifully for you. View Post