How To Prepare Dry Skin for Make-up

How To Prepare Dry Skin for Make-up

As if mastering the art of applying makeup wasn’t hard enough, applying makeup to dry skin is even more complicated but not a lost cause, you just need to lock down the right routine to disguise those pesky dry patches on your face.


By following a few simple tips and using the best makeup suited to dry skin, you can expertly apply makeup to a dry complexion.


1. Start with a scrub:

Help slough off any dead skin cells that may have built up on the surface of your skin as they can cause your makeup to go on less than smooth and make your complexion look dull and flakey.


2. Use a moisturiser with SPF:

Moisturising should be part of your everyday skin care routine—especially if you have dry skin that’s in need of hydration! Double up on benefits by applying a moisturiser with SPF - yes, even in the winter and one that provides hydration for a dry skin.


3. Use the right applicators:

Half the battle in achieving attractive makeup is getting the application part right. This means no more rubbing foundation on with your fingers since that isn’t exactly the most effective—not to mention hygienic—option. Tools like brushes or blenders are a good bet.


4. Wear a primer:

If you have dry skin, wearing a primer under your foundation and eye shadow is a must. Primers don’t just help makeup stay in place; they also help create a smooth canvas for your makeup application.


5. Find a foundation for dry skin:

When it comes to using foundation when you have dry skin, opt for liquid formulas since powder ones can make any patchiness more noticeable. Liquid foundations tend to offer more moisture and give a dewy, glow vibrant finish to a dry skin.


6. Skip setting with powder:

Powders have a tendency to look cakey. They also can settle into lines and hang around the dry patches making the skin look dull. Keep your makeup in place (and cake-free) with a setting spray.


7. Opt for cream blush:

For blush and bronzer, stick with cream formulas. Again, powders may make dry skin look even drier, so steer clear of them if you're dealing with dryness.


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Source: Loreal Beauty Magazine

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