Different Types of Cleansers - Explained

Different Types of Cleansers - Explained

Cleansing our skin is an everyday essential step in all skincare routines whether it be to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil or just the usual daily debris that accumulates on our skin and in our pores.


Choosing the right cleanser can sometimes seem overwhelming  as there are so many different types to choose from. 

To make selecting the right product for your skin type easier, we’ve put together a list of all the different types of cleansers with a few of our favourites listed below. Choose a cleanser according to your skin needs and what you love to use - foaming, creamy, milky etc.

If you would categorise your skin as more of a “normal” type, then feel free to try any type of cleanser that your skin tolerates and the type of cleanser you prefer to use!


Micellar Water

Is the new buzz word when it comes to cleansing. So what is ‘micellar” ? Micellar water is a combination of purified water, hydrating ingredients and mild surfactants. The surfactants group together and act like a magnet drawing makeup, oil and other debris off the skin when you use a cotton pad soaked in the micellar water and wipe it over the skin. It is a very lightweight formula and there is no need to rinse it off. Perfect as an on-the go refresher and an everyday cleanser and is suitable for all skin types.


Gel or Foam

Designed for a deeper clean  and they usually have a slightly foamy experience to it. Gel cleansers work well at decongesting clogged pores as well as removing excess oil, impurities and makeup. Ideal for normal, oily and combination skins. Perfect for those that love to use a “foaming” type cleanser and like to splash off with water.



Cream cleansers are usually thicker and creamy and contain moisturising ingredients. Skin is cleansed gently without disturbing the natural oils. Suitable for dry and sensitive skins as they thoroughly cleanse the skin but leave it  feeling comfortable and softened.



Cleansing Oils are another great way to remove makeup and pore clogging debris from the skin. What makes them different is how they work compared to a traditional cleanser. Traditional cleansers cleanse primarily with surfactants that interact with the debris, oil and makeup on the skin and then need to be rinsed off. Cleansing Oils work as a solvent dissolving similar substances and are attracted to oils on our skin and in our makeup products which is why they are so effective at removing makeup.

Your skin is left feeling clean, soft and moisturised. They are great for removing waterproof makeup and suitable for all skin types.



Ideal for drier and sensitive skin types that are worried about over-drying and irritating the skin. They are rich in texture and a super dry skin loves the softness and comfort of a balm. They are effective at removing makeup and dirt and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.



Known for its absorbing abilities - clay cleansers work extremely well at purifying oily skin and drawing out excess oil and toxins from your pores. Skin is left clean, smoother and brighter. Ideal for oily and combination skin.


For more information and guidance on best skincare for your skin type, please feel free to email hello@absoluteskin.com.au or call us on 1300 334 683.  



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