How to do a Facial Massage at Home

How to do a Facial Massage at Home

One of the keys to a glowing, ageless complexion is a well-executed facial massage.

Massaging the face not only relieves tension, it also boosts circulation, gives your skin an instant lift and even helps your products absorb better. Read on to learn about the benefits of facial massage and how to give yourself one at home.



Increases Blood Circulation

The short-term result of greater blood flow is an immediate glow; as blood rises to the surface, the skin is infused with radiance from the inside out. The long-term result is greater and more efficient collagen and elastin production; over time, this contributes to a stronger and more resilient complexion.  

Activates The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system functions as the body’s garbage disposal: It helps remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues, including the skin. When it becomes sluggish, toxins build up and block our lymph nodes, causing the skin to look puffy. This type of massage targets the lymph nodes under the ears and on the neck, helping to drain toxins and remove excess waste. This, in turn, minimizes swelling and helps to “de-puff” the skin.

Lifts & Plumps Skin

Facial massage functions like a non-surgical face lift, helping to tone the muscles under the skin. Like the rest of the body, the more you exercise these muscles, the stronger they become. With time, facial massage (and even face yoga) can improve the skin’s strength and resilience, helping to smooth out wrinkles and keep it tight, firm and lifted.

Improves Product Absorption

Massage also helps to increase the penetration of the active ingredients in your favorite skin care. The heat that is created through the warmth of your hands and the activation of facial muscles make the skin more amenable to product absorption. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of key ingredients as they can more easily reach the deeper layers of the skin (the foundation) to target specific skin concerns and conditions.


How To Do Facial Massage At Home:


1. Cleanse Hands & Face

Always (always) start with a clean base.

Prep your skin by cleansing and removing all makeup. And, ensure your hands are clean so you don’t transfer bacteria to your just-cleansed complexion.

The last thing you want is to massage dirt and grime back into your skin.

2. Warm Product In Hands

The key to a successful facial massage is slip. You never want to feel as though you are pulling or dragging your skin. A small amount of serum, oil or concentrate helps your fingers move more smoothly across your face - and ensures the actives reach the deepest layers of your skin. Simply apply a small amount of product into your palms and rub the formula to evenly distribute it over your hands and fingertips.

3. Use Gentle But Firm Pressure

You want to apply enough pressure that you can truly feel and move the muscles beneath the skin. Brian advises: “Work with muscle when it comes to massage, not just the surface of the skin, and use pressure with purpose.” That said, don’t go too hard on your skin. A facial massage is not a deep tissue massage: Use firm pressure, but keep it gentle.

4. Start By Massaging The Lymph Area

Begin by activating your lymphatic system. Using the tips of your fingers, massage the lymph nodes under your ears and along the sides of your neck. Use wide circles, sweeping from under your ears, down toward your throat and back up along your jawline. This will encourage the build-up that is causing you to feel puffy or swollen to keep moving.

5. Knead The Sides Of Your Face

Next, target the sides of your face. Use circular motions to massage the perimeter of your face, along the sides of your jaw and up over your cheekbones. Remember to push your skin up and out - not down. This will help to lift sagging skin and prevent the skin from drooping further. Repeat for two to three minutes, concentrating on the areas where you hold the most tension (typically around the jaw).

Absolute Skin - How to do a Facial Massage at Home

6. Smooth Forehead Lines

Now for those pesky forehead lines. Press your fingers between your brows and slowly slide them up your forehead. Repeat this motion across your forehead, gently pulling the skin up and out. Massaging against the lines (rather than with them) will help to smooth them in the right direction.

7. Take Extra Care Around The Eyes

Next up is the eye area. As always, be extremely delicate with this area, where the skin is thinner and more fragile. Position your fingers on either side of your nose and gently run them upwards toward your temples. This action will help to combat puffiness, lift sagging skin and “wake up” the eye area.

8. Finish With Your Neck & Decolletage

Finally, target your neck and decolletage. Use light, vertical strokes to massage skin from your chest, up your neck and to your jawline. This will help to reactivate the lymphatic system and smooth out any fine lines that have collected in this oft-neglected area.

9. Follow Up With A Contouring Mask

Enhance the lifting, toning and de-puffing effects of your facial massage with a contouring mask.



The secret to long-term results is to practice facial massage regularly. Beauty experts recommend adding a facial massage to your skin care routine two to three times per week. This can be beneficial in boosting circulation, softening tension and - over time - lifting and toning your complexion. Whether you choose your morning or night time routine is up to you.


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