How to Shape Your Best Brows

How to Shape Your Best Brows

Full, well-shaped brows can make such a difference when it comes to looking healthy, natural and youthful. (Plus, well-shaped brows mean you can usually get away with wearing less makeup. True story!)

The Key to perfect brows

The key to brows - whether you’re plucking them, filling them in, or both - is restraint. Do less than you think you need to, stand back to evaluate, and only go back in to do more if you’re absolutely sure.

Plucking your own brows is doable at home, but unless you’re super confident, go at least once to a salon or makeup counter to have them plucked; once an expert creates a shape you like, you can follow it at home with tweezers (and a bit of face oil, which can soften the hairs and make them easier to pluck). Wait a month to six weeks between tweezings.

Filling in brows - whether you’re looking to just darken them or create the appearance of more hair - is more intuitive, but again, take it slow. Effortless-looking makeup definition is best accomplished by many small marks or brushstrokes, as opposed to drawing a single bold line.

How to choose the best shade

To choose the most flattering shade, find a tint that’s a notch lighter than your natural hair colour. Though it’s easy to imagine darker will define better, a pigment that’s too dark for your complexion can look harsh. Note that gels and creams are generally subtler in terms of pigment, while powders and pencils tend to be more intense. A gel can add volume and sculpt brows all at once, so choose whichever type of formula seems easiest, most natural, and, of course, prettiest to you.

How to choose the perfect brow products

Formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with key botanicals, actives and nourishing waxes, The Goddess Brow Series by Eye of Horus offers a selection of premium innovative brow tools to suit all skin and brow types.

Brow Define

Slimline pointed fine tip Brow Pencil on one end and brush on other to add shape colour and definition. Enriched with Castor Oil, known for its hair growth properties the Brow Define is cleverly designed to feature a twist-up pencil that can be used to apply hair like stokes filling in gaps and defining brow shape. The other end comes with a handy brush that helps you blend the colour through the brows. Smudge-proof, long-wearing formula for natural looking goddess brows.

Brow Define - Eye of Horus

Dual Brow Perfect

The ultimate easy fool-proof Brow tool. This arched pencil and gel duo tints, sculpts and perfects all in one. Innovative 2-in-1 product design features an angled chiselled wax stick on one end, and a tinted brow gel the other. Mechanical twist up wax stick never needs sharpening, creating an even, full brow coverage. Once applied, the wax based formula of Candelilla and Coconut Oil dries and will stay put all day. The Dual Brow Perfect is smudge-proof, long wearing and is easy to use.

Dual Brow - Eye of Horus

Brow Fibre Extend

Get fuller, thicker and volumised brows with our innovative Brow Fibre Extend. Buildable formulation lengthens and thickens brows adding natural-looking fibres in one easy swipe filling in any imperfections. Unique organic brow enhancing botanicals, including, Canalicaluta Extract (seaweed) Laminaria Digitata (seaweed) and Moringa Oil at functional dose assists in brow hair growth and health. Mineral pigments give subtle colour to brow and sets in a long wearing formula. Designed to use with.

Brow Fibre Extend - Eye of HorusUniversal Brow Lash Serum

Universally tinted Brow and Lash grooming treatment infused with key natural botanical ingredients of Star Anise, Argan, Olive and Castor Oil. This nourishing serum is tinted to suit all brow and lash tones from fair to dark to grey. It’s pure magic! The angled micro-brush is specifically designed to shape and coat brow hairs from root to tip for ultimate brow health. Dries waterproof leaving your eyebrows feeling soft and natural.


Universal Lash Serum - Eye of Horus

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